Vintage transit tickets

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2013-07-17 17.18.42ITEM #8: Collection of Vintage Toronto Transit (TTC) tickets

Acquired: early to mid 1980’s

I know I’m dating myself, but I can remember when it used to cost only 10 cents to ride the TTC (for kids, anyway.)  According to this “fascinating” report on the history of transit fares, (and I mean “fascinating” in the most dripping-with-sarcasm way possible…) a child’s fare was 10 cents from 1973-1981, at which point it was doubled to a whopping 20 cents.  I still have memories of my grandmother handing me a shiny dime to put in the collection box on our way to go shopping at Bloor West Village, where all the other Ukrainians went (and still go.)

Later on, I used to take the bus everyday to & from high school – hence my collection of unused tickets from various eras.  But actually, I’m struggling to find much else to say about them. I think I really just kept them because they kept changing the colours every so often, and I knew I might never see the old ones again once they were discontinued.  I think it’s an example of what the Significant Objects Project would categorize as a “Fossil” – an object bearing witness to a vanished way of life, or a childhood.  They don’t mean that much to me really, but looking at them does take me back.  So I suppose I’ll hang on to them for now.  They do, after all, say “valid until further notice” – and nobody has ever notified me yet.


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  • biglakelinda

    As a regular purger, I don’t keep things…but I find myself coveting these. TTC tickets would be so cool framed as a small collection. Go for it Steve — elevate these little tikkies to art!

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