My short-lived Deadhead phase

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Item #10: Grateful Dead tie-dye t-shirt

Acquired: early 1990’s

I first started discovering the music of the band Grateful Dead in the early 1990’s, just a few years prior to lead singer/guitarist Jerry Garcia’s untimely death.  At the time, the band’s legendary live shows were at an all-time high in popularity, and the band was one of the highest grossing live acts in the US, if not the world.  Unfortunately I never got around to seeing them live, at least not until many years later when the remaining band members toured under a different name.

I bought this t-shirt on a whim from one of my favourite Toronto record stores that was owned by a guy who actually used to work for the band as a gardener in the famous Haight-Ashbury hippie district of San Francisco  (Hmm..I wonder what kind of plants he used to “garden”??)  I think I wore it in public only a couple of times.  I liked the idea of feeling part of the “Deadhead” tribe, and craved that sense of community that the band’s ardent followers had developed.  But I soon found out, it takes a lot more than one t-shirt to become a Deadhead, and I was just too busy in school to commit to the lifestyle.


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