About this blog

About “Things I Kept”

Most of us collect quite a bit of “stuff” over the course of our lives.  A lot of it is designed to satisfy some immediate need then be thrown away.  But some of it sticks around – in the backs of closets, in forgotten basement or attic boxes, at the bottoms of piles labelled “miscellaneous” or “to be filed.”  This is a blog about some of the things I’ve kept over the years, and the stories behind them.

The things that intrigue me most are the ones that have survived life’s many changes to remain in our possession against all logic and odds.  These items are true survivors of countless moving days, Sunday cleanings, garage sales, and in some cases, natural and personal disasters.  They are little pieces of our pasts, that have sat hidden in the corners of our busy lives, waiting to be rediscovered and reinterpreted in the context of our current selves.  These are the things that have the best stories to tell, the ones with the power to instantly take us back to another place and time, conjuring memories and emotions thought long forgotten.

Although the items I’ll be posting are in many cases quite personal and specific to me, it’s my hope that some of them will spark recollections, discussions and conversations with readers and perhaps even touch on broader issues related to memory, collecting, and preservation.

This blog was created in 2013 for a course at the University of Toronto that looks at Digital and Social Media strategy.


Comments & Disclosure Policy

All of  the text and photos used in this blog are my own original works, except where otherwise indicated. This blog is not intended to endorse or review any specific product or service, and is not currently affiliated with any corporate sponsors.  However, if a corporate sponsor was ever interested in affiliating themselves with it and sending me money to talk about their products, I would consider their offer very seriously.  In that unlikely scenario I promise to identify it as “paid content,” if for no other reason than to brag about the fact that I was actually getting paid to blog.  But for now, alas, that’s not the case.

In the meantime, all comments and discussions are welcome but will be moderated by me to remove any spam, unrelated advertising, or unduly foul language.

Thanks for reading about my stuff!


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